Riders’s track records, whether they are part of the movement or not : te MPCC analyzes the starlist of last weekend’s Cycling World Championship which took place in Innsbruck, Austria.

27% of all the athletes in the elite category in Innsbruck were from National Federations which are members of the MPCC. Our data visualisation grants other interesting information. 34 athletes (23 men and 11 women) were part of the MPCC individuallu. 69 riders (58 men and 11 women) were contracted to MPPC teams. At the start of the race, one third of all the riders were members of a team committed to the MPCC.


This is no mere coincidence 


Within the startlist, we also identified the riders who have been previously suspended for more than 6 months. We counted 8 : 5 men and 3 women, all of them coming from Federation which are not part of the MPCC.

When it was created in 2007, the MPCC stated that the National Federations which decided to be members of the movement on a voluntary basis should commit no to choose previously suspended riders for the big championships of the season. On these World Championships, all of the National Federation members of the MPCC followed through on commitments. Actually, the new World Champion in the men category is one of the previously suspended riders. His Federation is not part of the MPCC. The other common point between all of these riders is their age : the 8 of them are all quite old, averaging 33.5 years old (half ot them are even older than 36). Finally, they were all suspended more than 5 years ago (and even more than 8 years ago for 5 of them).