What's ITA's REVEAL platform?

The International Testing Agency (ITA) is an independent anti-doping organisation that leads the clean sport activities for cycling. In order to increase the effectiveness of its anti-doping programs, the ITA has launched its own reporting platform called REVEAL.

REVEAL is hosted on a secure platform that allows whistleblowers to share information with the ITA in a completely confidential and, if they wish, anonymous manner. REVEAL was developed in consultation with athletes and former whistleblowers and is presented in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Concrete reporting of suspected doping offences is one of the most effective ways to keep sport clean. In recent years, the courage of whistleblowers has brought to light many serious misconduct cases that endanger the fairness of competitions and the health of athletes.

The information provided by REVEAL is processed by the ITA’s Intelligence & Investigation Department,which is made up of experts from law enforcement, military and police, criminology, digital and physical forensics and intelligence. Close cooperation with international sports organisations, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), national anti-doping organisations and law enforcement agencies will ensure that the information shared via REVEAL is applied in the most effective way possible for clean sport and athlete protection.

The platform has been set up to provide an independent voice where stakeholders in the sporting communities can feel absolutely confident that they will be heard if they observe or experience doping. REVEAL is an additional opportunity for whistleblowers to speak out in support of the existing whistleblowing channels offered by WADA (“Speak Up”) and the National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs).

ITA and MPCC join forces

In November 2021, ITA adhered to MPCC as our movement considers the REVEAL platform as an efficient solution in fostering the fight against doping. MPCC encourages the riders to use this tool if they intend to share an information that could help cycling increase its credibility.

Roger Legeay, MPCC President, declares:

« MPCC is proud to see its list of supporters include such a world-leading player in the anti-doping scene. We are determined to contribute to the purpose of gathering information that could participate in increasing our sport’s credibility. The riders, the main actors of cycling, needed a way to communicate with the relevant institutions. »