On a voluntary basis, a MPCC team commit to respect several rules, stricter than those implemented by the international bodies. Do you know all of them?

Every member team of the Movement for a Credible Cycling perfectly knows the internal regulations of the Movement, that she commits to respect during the whole time of its membership. As the MPCC president, Roger Legeay insists on an essential point: “We are not talking about sanctions. This is a volunteer approach”.

In our video, he explains what are the principle measures and raises a very MPCC specific point: team introspection. When a team faces 2 positive controls in less than 12 months, it has to stop racing for a week (3 weeks if there are 3 positive controls in less than 2 years).

Obviously, such a situation isn’t desirable. However, when it happens, being a faithful to his commitments MPCC member perfectly makes sense. Indeed, this introspection time makes it possible to take time to find solutions. Part of the MPCC rules since the creation of the Movement, this principal has recently been taken up by the UCI. However, the instance can’t make it systematic because the UCI acts with sanctions and not on a voluntary basis, at the opposite of the MPCC.

Here are the rules that the MPCC members commit to respect:

1Provisionally suspend, since the communication of the first sample, a rider who tested positive
2Can’t hire, until two years, a rider tested positive and suspended more than six months (except whereabouts)
3Legal actions may be taken against riders, in the event of a positive test, for damaging the team’s image
4Intra-articular corticosteroid injections have to be validated by the team doctor, who will prescribe eight days off-race
5In the event of collapsing cortisol levels, eight rest days are to be prescribed (waiting for normal blood tests results)
6Teams must inform MPCC as soon as they are made aware of a rider’s positive A-sample
7Team introspection in the event of several positive tests in the past 12 months
8Team managers have to give explanations at the next MPCC meeting for any positive test, abnormal blood test or various problems
9Any staff member involved in a doping case (based on proven facts) is to be called before MPCC Management Board
10The technological fraud is considered by the team members as a positive test. It implies the same consequences.

You will find the whole MPCC internal regulations here.