Vital Concept Cycling Club, which will take on its first season in 2018, asked to be part of the MPCC. The breton team will become part of the 21 Pro Continental teams belonging to the movement.

Former rider Jérôme Pineau, Stage winner in 2010 Giro and now general manager of Vital Concept Cycling Club, sent a formal application to be part of the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC), exposing his intention: “I commit myself to make sure that each and every member of the team embraces the rules of the MPCC. As a brand new team of Pro Continental, we aim at spreading the moral and ethical values of a credible cycling. Our commitment includes equity, respect for the rules and an exemplary behaviour on and off the bike. I myself supported theses values during my 14 year-long career as a pro rider, and I want my team to be part of the Movement for a Credible Cycling.”

The breton team’s doctor will be Guillaume Sarre. Lead sprinter of Vital Concept is Bryan Coquard, Omnium olympic silver medalist in 2012. Several riders have been part of World Tour teams in the past: Bert de Backer, Arnaud Courteille, Marc Fournier, Steven Lammertink, Johan Le Bon, Lorenzo Manzin, Kevin Reza or Jonas Van Genechten. Vital Concept will be the 21st Pro Continental Team to be part of the MPCC. With their engagement, the overall number of members of the MPCC rises to 28 out of 44 professional teams in the world.