The Tour de France will set from Italy on Saturday. For this 111th edition, the MPCC counts fifty riders who are individual members of our movement. This figure has remained stable over the last two years, but is still not enough to ensure that everybody needs to be « actor in the fight against doping. »

The Tour de France 2024 has settled in Italy, to mark the hundredth anniversary of the first Italian overall win in the Grande Boucle. And for this big start, the MPCC notes a relatively stable number of individual members at the start of a grand tour. Out of 176 starters, 50 riders representing 15 countries have chosen to join us in the fight against doping, but above all to reinforce the credibility of our sport.

This race is much more important for us because Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), the race organizer which has supported the MPCC for twelve years, made membership of our movement an essential condition for granting a wild card. Israel – Premier Tech, Lotto Dstny, Uno-X – Mobility and TotalEnergies are all members and are therefore committed to respect our rules. As a result, 12 of the 22 teams in this Tour de France have chosen to become “actors in the fight against doping”.

So we support other teams and their riders to join us, while emphasising that the membership and involvment to our values is based on volunteering. The MPCC would also like to point out that, in the past, only one of the starters in this Tour de France has served a suspension of more than six months for an anti-doping rule violation. This rider belongs to a team that is not a member of our movement.

Commit to MPCC, join us ! Be actors in the fight against doping !