Suspended by the UCI until February 12, the Pro Continental team Soul Brasil has applied for MPCC membership. The request has been accepted on probation. The movement welcomes the team manager Benedito Tadeu’s intention to comply with stricter rules. The final membership is to be voted during the next General Assemby meeting on October.

Back in november of last year, Kleber Ramos, João Gaspar and Ramiro Rincon – both team Funvic’s riders – were tested positive for doping. The team, now called Soul Brasil, is suspended by the UCI until February 12 as a result of these infractions, which led Aigle to apply this rule inspired by the MPCC.

The South-American team decided not to give up by maintaining its desire to be part of the Pro Continental division. In early January, the team manager Benedito Tadeu made a formal application to the MPCC. He stated: “Immediately the three riders had their contracts broken and they were totally disconnected from the team. We are applying to join the MPCC and we fully accept the regulation. We went through a difficult time in 2016 with these three cases. We would like to fight together with the MPCC against doping.”

The movement’s philosophy has always been and remains the same: to extend its hand to each and every team and to welcome any candidate’s commitment to respect a stricter regulation.