For its first season of existence in 2023 as a ProTeam, Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team joins the MPCC!

The Swiss-registered team is managed by Douglas Ryder, who from 1997 to 2021 was running the Qhubeka-NextHash team, which was already a member of the MPCC. The South African has renewed his commitment to our movement even before his new structure has started competing. The team will be composed of more than 20 riders, among them Carl Fredrik Hagen, Matteo Moschetti, Tobias Ludvigsson, Gianluca Brambilla, Damien Howson, or the 4th of the last Paris-Roubaix Tom Devriendt. The referring physician will be Dr Lorenz Emmert.

Douglas Ryder: “As Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, we will use our platform to the promote the sport of cycling in a credible way and ensure we participate in a fair and equal environment. Rooted in our team identity is our mission of ‘Racing the Future,’ which guides us to be focused and conscious of the impact and contributions our decisions have on the professional sport, the environment, and the people we meet along the way. We believe that this aligns with the MPCC’s ethos, one that is based on credibility, transparency, and responsibility and we look forward to working together in promoting these values.”