The MPCC regrets that the organizers of the Giro d’Italia decided to keep inviting teams that aren’t part of our movement. The Tour de France and the Vuelta committed to our philosophy and never had any regrets so far.

The UCI has just giver a 30 days suspension to team BARDIANI, thus forbidding it to take part into races until July 14th. This sanction is a consequence of the exclusion of 2 of its riders at the eve of the Giro start, after their positive doping controls. Nevertheless, the Italian team was still given the go to race the Giro d’Italia, despite the discredit they were brought upon.

On the 7th of June, at the last MPCC board, Roger Legeay reminded that in January 2014, he met with the organizers of the Giro and highlighted that it was necessary to give the priority to MPCC members when it came to delivering wild cards.

Even though the organizers of Grand Tours must invite all of the World Tour teams (7 out of 18 are MPCC members), they are free to invite any Pro Continental team (19 out of 22 are MPCC members).

Last october, at the Tour de France 2017 unveiling, Christian Prudhomme (A.S.O) reminded that he was very committed to the MPCC’s philosophy and that he only wanted to MPCC Pro Continental teams for wildcards on the races he organizes.

On the other hand, the organizers of the Giro d’Italia – RCS – invited 3 Pro Continental teams that chose not to commit to – or to step out of – the MPCC’s most strict rules which main purpose is to strenghten the credibility of our sport.

On this infographic, one can notice that riders chosen by the MPCC teams have a significant impact regarding the prestige of a race like the Giro d’Italia. These choices creates a contrast among all the riders at the start of this 100th edition.

In a letter to Mauro VEGNI, Roger Legeay reaffirmed his wish to see RCS join the MPCC in the near future, thus enabling us to work together towards the same goal : the credibility of our sports and its beautiful competitions.