The shared journey between the MPCC and the company AG2R La Mondiale reached a turning point in March 2015. While the rider Lloyd Mondory had been tested positive, Vincent Lavenu’s team had to suspend itself – under the MPCC regulation – for the Critérium du Dauphiné. Thanks to this strict compliance with the rules the team committed to, the french structure reaffirmed its strong opposition to all forms of cheating. 

Still, AG2R La Mondiale’s MPCC membership should not only be seen as a commitment against doping.

Head of Communication, Branding & Digital Emmanuel Chazalet explains:


« The first thing we think about is doping and its links with health. But this isn’t enough, with the development of new technologies for instance, technological fraud has appeared. Other problems such as betting fraud can have important consequences on performance and on the values of cycling. We now know that cycling’s ethical value goes beyond the problem of doping and it embraces lots of different themes that are important for the sponsors, for the partners, and for all the MPCC members. »

The company AG2R La Mondiale immediately expressed its support and confidence to the team manager Vincent Lavenu.

AG2R La Mondiale’s CEO André Renaudin stated:


« From the bottom of our hearts, we share the emotion of Vincent Lavenu and all of his team. The error of one individual should not cause the rest of the team to feel guilty or weaken, nor should it cast doubt upon the historic ties that unite us. We are confident that the team will bring us great moments of happiness in 2015. »

One year later, in the middle of the 2016 Tour de France, the company announced its decision to award this ethical sense by extending the partnership with the team until 2020.