The Board of the Movement For A Credible Cycling (MPCC) met on Wednesday, October 13th in Paris. This reunion, which took place on the day before the Tour de France presentation, marks the return of a pre-pandemic tradition.

MPCC praised its members for the commitment they have shown on a voluntary basis and wants to highlight the fact that the movement now amounts for 68% of the profesional peloton.

After a 14-year-long fight, MPCC observed with delight the turnaround in the policy regarding costicosteroids. WADA now considers that the use of this substance enhance performance. Team doctors informed the movement about the new rules set by WADA, stating that the use of corticosteroids via injections and oral route will now be prohibited. These rules will be enforced starting 1st January 2022. Team doctors underline the fact that, as of today, some vagueness remain concerning the qualitative aspect of the tests that will be carried out to enforce these new rules.

As we wait for the last details, the movement wishes to monitor the enforcement of these new rules and will suspend its own cortisol levels tests in 2022. We will provide a first update on this situation during the next Board Meeting. MPCC expresses the wish, on this topic and on the others, to establish a lasting relationship with the International Testing Anti-Doping (ITA), which has been in charge of WADA’s anti-doping program for a year now.

Based on the monitoring information provided by WADA, MPCC learned that the use of tramadol has dropped significantly during these last 4 years, to the point of almost becoming irrelevant. The movement welcomes the evolution of the fight against the excessive use of tramadol, a cause MPCC led since 2012 which resulted in this outcome. MPCC will also monitor closely the deviant uses of codeine and cafeine, as they can lead to serious health and ethics issues.

On the subject of ketones, MPCC notices that UCI is following the position that the movement took in 2019 and recommends not to use this substance. The movement also welcomes the scientific study that the international federation ordered on ketones. While we wait for the results of this study, the movement formally requests that its riders and members follow the recommendation of the UCI.