Are present in addition to the board members of the MPCC:


– organizers in the person of Thierry Gouvenou for ASO in his capacity as Chairman of the ROCC

– Thierry Huguenin for FDJ.


This is the first time that this also the board member of the Federation (Board) Irish. The MPCC is in this regard the first international organization that welcomes all stakeholders in professional cycling.


9 race organizers have applied for membership in the MPCC. This is indicative of the importance of movement in the professional cycling.


Two new teams have applied for provisional membership was accepted :


– Russian team RUSVELO, pro-continental
– Australian team Drapac CYCLING, Australian continental cycling team


Because of these provisional membership MPCC today 40 members :


– 11 World Tour

– 16 Pro Continental

– 13 continental


The association has become representative of the professional cycling since the adoption of new statutes and especially since the accession of many teams in number 40 at the moment,


MPCC has adopted new bylaws recalling the rules of auto suspension and commitment Movement prosecute professional cyclists sanctioned for doping


Accordance with the statutes and internal regulations adopted are reminded conditions prosecution by MPCC:


– Wait until final remedies have been taken in sport

– What the riders who will be attacked Justice runners sanctioned with a suspension of more than a year.


Arrangements will be made against the riders concerned by the Advocate of movement,




Regarding doping cases defraying again on chronic GIRO MPCC had attracted the attention of the organizer team invited VINI FANTINI, were not part of the MPCC. The organizer in January 2013 asked VINI FANTINI to join the movement


If Fantini Vini team had been part of teams MPCC, the rider Di Luca who was returning from suspension, (launched in April 2013) would never have been undertaken in accordance with the rules of the MPCC.




The organizers and sponsors joining the movement took the strong commitment not to hire their staff-to-rider or member of management sanctioned for acts of doping. Reference date: 1 January 2013)

Another very important point is the agreement of the organizers member of MPCC accept self suspension teams in accordance with the rules of movement.
This emerged in the case of the AG2R team that is self hanging on the Dauphine Libere and why, given the agreement ASO, the UCI has agreed not to enforce the regulations and to not fining the team concerned.

In this regard MPCC which represents the majority of professional cycling teams hope that the representatives of the AIGCP whose members are mostly members to vote MPCC in the future implementation of a code of ethics.


Controls cortisol were performed on Paris-Nice and the 4 Jours de Dunkerque. An agreement was reached between MPCC, the FFC and the LNC to perform these checks under the responsibility of Dr. Armand MEGRET.


MPCC recalls that in all sports a collapsed threshold of cortisol can lead to serious consequences during intense efforts.


Cortisol tests performed are not anti doping controls, but tests for the riders’ health


A request remained unanswered for now, was made minister of sports for these tests are in place for all the teams in the next Tour de France.