Since 2008, MPCC has been taking blood samples on the big French races in order to measure cortisol levels. These samples are taken randomly by an independent expert, Doctor Armand Megret. The emphasis is not put on the disciplinary framework, but on the health framework (field of occupational medicine), being able to state on the temporary medical unfitness of an athlete. Since 2012, with the help of FFC and LNC, MPCC took samples on Paris Nice and Four Days of Dunkirk. More samples will be taken on other national races, including Tour de France.


Among the 22 teams taking part to the Tour de France, 14 are MPCC members. In a letter to the French minister of Sports Valérie Fourneyron, MPCC asked to make cortisol levels part of the samples which will be taken on the next Tour de France. “It would be logical that all of the 22 teams be controlled the same way and get an external medical supervision”, says MPCC.