Through an infography, we have represented the 70 nations which have took part in the Rio’s Olympic Games cycling road races. We have highlighted the athletes according to their affiliation with a MPCC national association or team, but also their doping ban history.

On the eve of the Tour de France, the MPCC identified the starting riders who had been banned for doping in the past (See infographic). It was the case with 6 out of them ; all were members of non-MPCC teams. The idea was to do the same work with the Olympic Games in order to know if the national associations do efforts by only selecting athletes with no doping ban history or not.

We have highlighted the national associations and the athlete’s teams by their MPCC membership, but also their doping ban history. Men and women combined, there have been 8 starting athletes suspended in the past. One of them won a medal. 

Since its inception in 2007, the MPCC determined that all the national associations members of the movement on a voluntary basis committed not to entry in championships athletes having been suspended in the past. In 2012 and now in 2016, the IOC and WADA expressed that they didn’t intend to see these athletes competing in the Olympic Games but they failed to require it to the national associations. However, all the national associations which are part of MPCC supported this philosophy.