This meeting was the opportunity for the Movement to realize the actions led during the season:
– Respect for the internal regulation of the MPCC,  In particular the defense of the image of our sport, Stop of every runner requiring an infiltration
– Realization of three controls of cortisolémie: in the 4 days of the Dunkerque, to the Dauphiné Libéré and at the end of Tour de France 2011.

An independent expert, doctor Armand MEGRET, noticed the complete respect for these rules by the runners of the concerned teams.

Besides, the MPCC confirmed the application of its Ethical Code, stricter than the anti-doping World Code, which imposes upon all, with in particular the usage corticoids. MPCC will ask the authorities to add the cortisolémie during the sampling of blood.

As confirms it the recent international publications on this particular subject, doping and dangerous effect for the health in case of cortisolémie collapsed, MPCC will continue in 2012 to verify by an independent expert the cortisolémie of his runners.

This meeting also was the opportunity  for the Movement to elect his new office :

– Chair(Preside): Roger LEGEAY
– Vice-president: Iwan SPEKENBRINK
– Treasurer: Vincent LAVENU
– Secretary: Franck TRAJBER
– Members: Eric BOYER, Jean-René BERNAUDEAU, Emanuel Hubert, Marc MADIOT, Jonathan VAUGHTERS.

To date, are members of the MPCC, the following teams:

– AG2R The World