Why is having a slogan essential?

We were many to be really angry after the latest issues.
Our resolution had to come down to a few words: we’re fed up, that’s enough ! That is what the team managers in our movement want to convey together.

Is that only a rallying cry for the team managers?

No, it’s for everyone. Teams, sponsors… It mostly has to come from the riders, from our riders. They are the ones bringing this message around the world. A belief that there is hope. MPCC is only wondering about future. Doping, that’s enough ! Whatever happened before only concerns WADA, UCI, anti-doping agencies, CAS and states… For us, only future matters.

Through this philosophy, how loud are you willing to speak?

To establish a clear split with the past, we had to be stronger, even rougher, with anyone not willing to understand. Until now, it was only us, responsible people, acting by ourselves. We were a few teams gathering around common values and tangible commitments. Usually, people have to adjust their behavior to what they say. On the contrary, after 5 years, we now speak in compliance to our behavior.