380 riders, 78 former riders, 294 staff members and 20 former staff members are part of the MPCC as individuals. As a reminder, this process is voluntary and is the proof of a deep commitment to our values. Our movement wishes to provide clarification on this topic.

All of the members make their own choice whether they want to join MPCC on their own or not. Our movement supports this process as we firmly believe that the implication of all cycling stakeholders is essential for the credibility of cycling.

Any rider is free to revoke his commitment. Our movement regrets such things happening, but we never forced anyone to join us.

Any rider who is a member of MPCC can become engaged within the movement, contact the Board to make proposals, ask questions, etc. Our movement will always answer any request, and will happily invite any rider to participate in the General Assemblies should they wish to do so.

Response to Tom Dumoulin

In March, Tom Dumoulin informed the movement of his choice to leave MPCC as an individual member. He was immediately withdrawn from the list available on our website and we did not plan to communicate on his decision. Two months and a half later, Tom Dumoulin made some comments in the medias about his decision.

MPCC wants to highlight the fact that Tom Dumoulin never contacted the movement in any way between the day he joined and the day he decided not to be a member anymore. Nevertheless, our movement does not wish to assess the level of implication of its members and does not consider useful to criticize the decision of the Dutch rider.

Though, MPCC regrets the reasons given by Tom Dumoulin to publicly justify his decision.

First of all, on the Paris-Nice topic: it is not the role of MPCC to comment the decision of an organizer whether to maintain a race or not. The movement also does not wish to influence the choice of its members to take part in it or not. No MPCC member, staff member or rider, voiced any request for the Board to communicate publicly on Paris-Nice.

Then, on the subject of ketones: MPCC underlines the content of its press release of February 27th:

“The physios of the teams belonging to MPCC are also concerned by several topics, including ketones and thyroid hormones. Following this concern, they all committed not to prescribe thyroid hormones. A formal request has been made to WADA to add this product on the list of prohibited substances. MPCC recommends not to use ketones given the side effects and the uncertainty of the long-term effects. Some physios have already made this decision while they wait for more information. A task force including the physios of the MPCC teams will be set up in order to make proposals on this topic.”