Less than nine months after having allowed professional riders to adhere to the MPCC, whether or not they are part of teams that are members of the movement, we can now announced that more than 300 riders have sent their membership request.

Thanks to those adhesions – which are free – the MPCC has the opportunity to go even further:


       Organising an annual MPCC/riders meeting

       Making it possible for the member riders group to have a voting right at general meetings

       Studying their proposals in order to give credibility to cycling’s image

In return, the rider will have to join the MPCC’s philosophy, promote cycling’s image by fighting against any form of doping and cheat, and respect the movement’s internal regulation, especially regarding corticoids and tramadol’s use.

Click here for view the list of the riders that are now members of the MPCC, and/or submit your application !