In less than a month, MPCC has registered more than 100 individual membership coming from professional teams’ staff members, male and female.

The MPCC Board gathered in Roissy on last September 23rd and decided to allow team staff members (managers, sporting directors, coaches, medical staff, etc) to join MPCC on their own. MPCC can proudly state that the list of new members keeps on growing. The movement is also expanding on a global level, with more than 14 nationalities out of 19 sports entities.

Our movement wishes to thank all of the persons who chose, on a voluntary basis, to show their commitment to a credible cycling. Those who are still not part of MPCC are free to join it at any time, whether or not their teams – or their federations – are already part of the movement. The only thing to do is to sign in on our website, where the full list of all the current members is regularly updated.

SAt the beginning of its existence, in 2007, MPCC was created by sports entities that now amount to more than 60% of the World Tour and Continental Pro teams. Nowadays national federations, sponsors, organizers, doctors, agents, sympathizers, staff members and riders are part of the movement.


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