On Facebook and Twitter, some suggest that a MPCC member should leave the movement when one of its riders is convicted on doping charges. What do you think about it ?

When a team joins MPCC, it doesn’t mean that there is no chance one of its riders returns a positive test at an anti-doping control. But a doping case can’t sum up the philosophy of a team with a staff of about fifty members, including 29 riders. However, because it can happen, our commitment means that we are ready to pay a high price if it does. If the analysis of the B sample of Sylvain Georges is also positive, we will stand by our commitment to MPCC, even if it means we can’t take part in the next World Tour event after the Giro, and have to momentarily suspend the team activity.

The team AG2R-La Mondiale is a MPCC member, and so is the sponsor. How did the sponsor react to this news ?

f course, it’s always a bad news for a partner. The sponsor commits with us because of our values and image, as well as for fame. The life of a company is composed of happy and unhappy events. And these  times of crisis necessarily concern our sponsors. This is a very difficult time for us, especially after the previous case of Steve Houanard, found positive in september 2012. We aim to handle this kind of crisis over time, hoping to assert better arguments for our partner in the future.

The C of MPCC stands for « credible ». Does Sylvain Georges letter appear credible to you ?

I don’t know. I want to believe him. At least Sylvain gave explanations without delay. He immediately responded and admitted his mistake. He didn’t try to deny the facts alleged against him. This is a good thing. But his actions and neglicence – at the very least – have serious implications. And the whole team suffers from it.