Identifying cases of doping is not an easy task and is subject to discretion if required by their respective international federations, some do not advertise doping cases in their discipline. Cycling, in contrast, reveals each positive test. Our numbers are therefore based on proven cases in 2014, according to official communications federations and anti-doping agencies, etc..


Athletics is the most affected sport in 2014 with a total of 95 positive tests, ahead of baseball with 62 cases. Cycling is fourth with sixteen cases, almost one sixth of athletics figures. 


MPCC counting includes :


– Road cycling: thirteen cases identified for this most publicised discipline.
– Track-cycling : two case.
– Mountain-Bike : one cases.


Each time a team member of MPCC has been concerned by a case, the MPCC regulations were followed to the letter : suspension, dismissal, self-suspension when required.