For the fourth year in a row, MPCC lists the doping cases released sport by sport, in order to better situate the place cycling occupies in comparison to other sports. Athletics is leading the way.

With 26 doping cases between the beginning of the year and the 31st of March, athletics has already faced many cases and might reach a very alarming total number of cases at the end of 2017. Those figures still stay less impressive than last year as the McLaren report had just been revealed. However, it’s enough to make athletics the sport with the most cases. Weightlifting and baseball come second and third, while cycling is far behind with less cases than many other sports.

At the end of March, cycling was the 8th sport with the most doping cases among its pro athletes with 4 cases. This is 6 times less than athletics, and less than football (5 cases).

Regarding country repartition, United States is the most affected country with 26 cases in total.

Identifying cases of doping is not an easy task and is subject to discretion if required by their respective international federations, some do not advertise doping cases in their discipline. Cycling, in contrast, reveals each positive test. Our numbers are therefore based on proven cases in 2016, according to official communications federations and anti-doping agencies.

MPCC cycling counting includes:

– Road cycling: 4 cases identified for this most publicised discipline.
– Track cycling: zero case
– MTB: zero case

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