At the end of each quarter, MPCC lists the doping cases released sport by sport, in order to better situate the place cycling occupies in comparison to other sports. At mid-year, baseball, athletics and weightlifting lead the way.

The number of doping controls carried on in athletics or weightlifting still doesn’t seem high enough to dissuade many cheaters. This remains true even if you exclude the samples retested by the WADA after a certain number of big events such as the World Championships or London and Beijing Olympic Games. Over the same period in 2016, the number of positive tests in athletics has almost doubled (45 vs 24) as it tripled in weightlifting (33 vs 12).


But the sport affected by the most important number of positive tests remains baseball : more than 50 cases after six months, total similar to last year. And this sport continues to give the athletes lower penalties than in the other sports which have really decided to fight against doping.

In the second quarter, cycling faced a sharp increase of provisional suspensions. 11 doping cases have been noted since the beginning of the season. Our sport is 8th in this sad ranking but we have to remind that over the same period in 2016, the number of positive tests was only 4.

Identifying cases of doping is not an easy task and is subject to discretion if required by their respective international federations, some do not advertise doping cases in their discipline. Cycling, in contrast, reveals each positive test. Our numbers are therefore based on proven cases in 2017, according to official communications federations and anti-doping agencies.

MPCC cycling counting includes:

– ROAD CYCLING: 10 Cases

– BMX : 1

– MTB : 0