MPCC has decided to add match-fixing and corruption-related cases to in his global counting of the doping related cases in sport.

In 2014, when we started this global counting, we wanted to compare the amount of doping cases in cycling to the other cases in the world of sport. The rules of confidentiality established by some federations to protect their image limited the relevance of this comparative table.

During 4 years though, we observed more and more transparency in the procedures : in 2014, we identified less that 300 cases related to doping on the public place. In 2017, this figure has doubled.

At the same time, we identified more and more cases of match-fixing and corruption. We decided to expand the spectrum of our study so that it will give a better and wider report on the acts of cheating that harms the credibility of the concerned sports.

We will release this “barometer” several times during the year, as credibility is the heart of our mission more than ever.