The latest cases that have affected cycling highlighted the strict rules of MPCC and prompted many reactions, especially about a basic principle of the movement: no locked doors to registration. Can MPCC let every team in? Manager of Androni Giocattoli – Venezuela, Gianni Savio is well placed to provide his insight: his team experienced some doping cases in the past and his team roster includes two reformed riders. Last year, when Francesco Reda’s biological passport showed anomalies and despite the length of disciplinary proceedings, he kept the commitment made with MPCC by applying the precautionary principle which asks for the rider’s suspension from any competition while keeping him in the team. If Androni Giocattoli – Venezuela had not been member of MPCC, it would not have been required to the team. Threatened with self-suspension by that regulation until 30 May 2015, Gianni Savio renewed its commitment to the movement for the coming year.