At the last MPCC general meeting, all of the team members have required from Neri Sottoli’s manager Angelo Citracca further explanations in order to confirm, or not, the membership of the team. At the end of the interview with Serge Parsani, team’s sporting director Neri Sottoli, representing Anglo Citracca this tuesday, the board of directors agreed unanimously to suspend the team Neri Sottoli with immediate effect, until the general meeting of October 2015. 


The board of directors took note of the decision by Kazakh federation to suspend continental team Astana’s activity. If the second opinions confirm the first tests and if Astana Continental were to resume its activity, it should start by self-suspending for five weeks, just as MPCC rules says (one week because of the 2nd positive case and four weeks due to the 3rd).


For the record, Astana World Tour team has complied with MPCC rules by self-suspending for one week after two positive cases. The team didn’t compete in the Tour of Beijing (World Tour) and two italian Europe Tour races.


MPCC also approved the membership of the continental German team Stötling.