On Monday, October 6th, Astana team have communicated the decision of their rider Maxim Iglinskiy “not to stand against the second opinion following his positive test on August, 1th 2014.” This is the confirmation of the second positive control suffered by the Astana team in less than twelve months after the one of Valentin Iglinskiy.


The MPCC has established, on the basis of commitment and volunteerism, a more stringent settlement than international bodies. In this context, Astana team, which have adhered to MPCC since 2013, apply the regulation, which provides self-suspension from the team for a period of eight days, from the first day of the next World Tour race.


This self-suspension will therefore apply from October,10th, the date of start of the Tour of Beijing, to October,17th , and will also concern the Tour of Emilia and GP Bruno Beghelli. The whole team will be off during this period. This temporary suspension of the team’s activities is to implement any corrective action they deem appropriate.