14 years later nothing has changed because some managers do not want that to change.

MPCC « MOTION FOR CYCLING CREDIBLE » was created in 2007, as some teams do not respect the basic rules.

It aims to establish ethical standards of conduct and the teams WORLD TOUR, PRO CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL-based and voluntary.

In fact certain provisions obvious to some, may not be included in an international regulation, such as:
– Do not run a runner from the positive results of the first analysis
– Do not engage runner who had a positive suspension of more than six months (except in cases related to a fault location …) during the two years following the suspension.
– Do not make intra-articular injection of corticosteroids without stopping competition of 8 days.
– Perform internal procedures from the first positive case in the team.
– Practicing self-suspension for several positive cases in the last 12 months.
– Etc …

Proposals will be made:

At the AMA:
– To increase the penalties on the first offense,
– To return to regulation corticosteroids.
– To prohibit athletes suspended more than 6 months to participate in the World Championships and Olympic Games

– To recognize MPCC as an interlocutor in the context of anti-doping.

– To put in place a mechanism to not engage teams that do not meet the basic rules of ethics.

This code of conduct MPCC, more restrictive than the rules of WADA and the UCI is an indispensable complement to all international regulations.

The code of conduct has been met MPCC formally since 2008 by teams MPCC.

The mode of MPCC is based on trust and transparency. The manager of the team concerned by a rider positive due to all teams MPCC decisions, which must be in compliance with the rules.

When the bike is looking real credibility to its sponsors, to the press and to the public, it is important that as many teams show their determination to fight against doping, credibility and image.

MPCC received the formal support of the UCI, the AIOC Corporation and Tour de France.

Managers and sponsors professional teams have the duty and the power to say no to doping.

MPCC provides an opportunity for all to clearly display its willingness to restore confidence in adhering fully to our movement.

Help us …

Eleven teams are now members of MPCC:
AG2R La Mondiale
GARMIN Sharp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IAM Cycling
Lotto Belisol