In only three months, MPCC has registered more than 200 subscriptions coming from pro riders, males and females.

On June 5th, during the last Critérium du Dauphiné, the Board held a meeting to validate these 200 first riders to join the movement: a list that we enjoy seeing get bigger and bigger every day. MPCC is also getting more and more international, with these new members coming from 27 countries, and employed by 35 different teams (male and female).

Our movement would like to thank all these riders for their commitment. They decided, on their own behalf, to assert their support for the ethical values of a credible cycling. Those who have not done it yet can join MPCC at any time, whatever their team – or their federation – position towards the movement. They just need to subscribe on our website. On this same link is the list, regularly updated, of all the riders who have already joined.

On the very beginning (in 2007), the movement was created by sport groups that now represent more than 60% of World Tour and Conti Pro Teams. Since then, national federations, sponsors, organizers, doctors, agents, sympathizers and riders have joined the MPCC. The riders will have te opportunity to elect their own representatives on the the next General Assembly in next october.

The Board is also very pleased to see that all of its rules have been strictly followed by all the members during the first half of the season. 254 cortisol test have been carried out in the member teams. No anomaly was detected among the riders who underwent these unannounced checks on a voluntary basis.


View the list of the 200 riders that are members of the MPCC