Does a sponsor go against the wind if he is interested in cycling ?

Major companies are still reluctant to come and invest in cycling. Does a sponsor necessarily go against the current if it takes interest in cycling and bet on it? 

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De Rijke joins MPCC

The Dutch team De Rijke has been accepted as new provisional member of MPCC. 

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Cycling, a driving force of anti-doping

Like every year in July, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released its report identifying doping controls carried out by the various international sports federations. Cycling is the third sport in the number of tests performed, but it is one that has cracked down the most for one year and leads the way on the blood testing and screening of EPO.

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Doping figures to 31st of July

For the second time this year, MPCC unveils the figures identifying the cases revealed in 2014, to better situate cycling compared to other disciplines. Cycling is behind baseball, athletics and weightlifting with only ten cases this year. Less than a quarter of leader's figures. 

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Howman: “The public demands more transparency”

About transparency in the fight against doping, “everyone can do better” according to David Howman. To the Director General of WADA, the current results, that MPCC will offer a summary next week, are encouraging. Interview.

MPCC's members this year :

26% in 2013

 World Tour teams in 2014 :

11 MPCC's members on 18 teams
(5 on 19 in 2013)

25% in 2013

Pro-Continental teams in 2014 :

16 MPCC's members on 17 teams
(5 on 20 in 2013)

0% in 2013

Continental teams in 2014 :

32 MPCC's members on 181 teams
(0 on 158 in 2013)

0% in 2013

Women teams in 2014 :

8 MPCC's members on 32 teams
(0 on 35 in 2013)

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


We are convinced of the need for all the teams to agree on a new ethic code applicable for all teams and all the riders.

Christophe Sercu, Topsport Vlaanderen


For the direction of our cycling team, it's imperative that all professional cycling teams take the necessary steps to show their commitment to fight together against the scourge of doping.

Daniel Verbrakel, Roubaix - Lille Métropole