Cycling still a driving force of the antidoping fight

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released its report on doping tests carried out in 2014 by the various sports federations. Cycling remains the third sport in terms of number of controls performed but leads the way on the screening of EPO and testosteron.

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Actualités du MPCC

09/03/15 Press Release

The Board of directors of MPCC met on 3 September 2015 in Paris.

Adhésion au MPCC

Doping figures as at August 26

By releasing the last update of doping figures infographics MPCC wants to respond to former IAAF president Lamine Diack following his attack against cycling.

Actualités du MPCC

Vuelta: cortisol level tests revealed no abnormally low values

117 cortisol level tests performed in Marbella revealed no abnormally low values within MPCC team members.

MPCC's members this year :

61% in 2014

 World Tour teams in 2015 :

10 MPCC's members on 17 teams
(11 on 18 in 2014)

94% in 2014

Pro-Continental teams in 2015 :

19 MPCC's members on 20 teams
(16 on 17 in 2014)

17% in 2014

Continental teams in 2015 :

31 MPCC's members on 162 teams
(32 on 181 in 2014)

25% in 2014

Women teams in 2015 :

8 MPCC's members on 38 teams
(8 on 32 in 2014)

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


We are convinced of the need for all the teams to agree on a new ethic code applicable for all teams and all the riders.

Christophe Sercu, Topsport Vlaanderen


Jean-Charles Canonne, Roubaix - Lille Métropole