MPCC teams: the riders’ responsibility

And what about the riders? The teams are not the only ones to make commitments to MPCC. IAM cycling manager Serge Beucherie expresses his point of view about riders' responsibility and ensures MPCC rules are not too restrictive for them.

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Adhésion au MPCC

Sports Entertainment Group new member of MPCC

MPCC welcomes SEG Racing as a new team member and SEG Cycling (Martijn and Eelco Berkhout) as new sporting agent members.

Adhésion au MPCC

Cult Energy joins MPCC!

The Danish team Cult Energy Pro Cycling, which was just promoted to Continental Pro ranks, is the 19th team member of this division to be part of MPCC.

Adhésion au MPCC

Wayne Evans, 5th agent to join MPCC

UCI-approved agent, as required by the rules of the « sporting agents » section, Wayne Evans and his company Lion Sports Management became MPCC member this Friday 16 January.

Adhésion au MPCC

PMU stays another year with MPCC

Despite the end of its contract with the Tour de France, the company PMU, which remains title sponsor of the French Cup, has confirmed its commitment to MPCC for 2015. The company PMU remains a member of MPCC in 2015.

MPCC's members this year :

26% in 2013

 World Tour teams in 2014 :

11 MPCC's members on 18 teams
(5 on 19 in 2013)

25% in 2013

Pro-Continental teams in 2014 :

16 MPCC's members on 17 teams
(5 on 20 in 2013)

0% in 2013

Continental teams in 2014 :

32 MPCC's members on 181 teams
(0 on 158 in 2013)

0% in 2013

Women teams in 2014 :

8 MPCC's members on 32 teams
(0 on 35 in 2013)

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


We are convinced of the need for all the teams to agree on a new ethic code applicable for all teams and all the riders.

Christophe Sercu, Topsport Vlaanderen


Jean-Charles Canonne, Roubaix - Lille Métropole