June 22nd Press Release

One day after the announcement of an agenda that includes new anti-doping measures, the MPCC praises the UCI and its president Mr. David Lappartient for the strong decisions taken towards the credibility of cycling.

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200 riders are now members of the MPCC

In only three months, MPCC has registered more than 200 subscriptions coming from pro riders, males and females.

Adhésion au MPCC

Interview with the UCI President David Lappartient

As a guest member, part of the Professional Cycling Council, the MPCC reached out to the UCI's president to do an interview regarding the stance of the UCI on various topics on which the MPCC has been engaged for a long time.

Adhésion au MPCC

Credibility figures as at 30 April

MPCC has decided to add match-fixing and corruption-related cases to in his global counting of the doping related cases in sport.

Actualités du MPCC

Cortisol level tests on the Quatre jours de Dunkerque

The team members of the MPCC have submitted 54 riders to a cortisol level test on the Quatre jours de Dunkerque. All the riders have been allowed to start.

MPCC's members this year :


 World Tour teams in 2018 :

7 MPCC's members on 18 teams


Pro-Continental teams in 2018 :

22 MPCC's members on 27 teams


Continental teams in 2018 :

7 MPCC's members on 173 teams


Women teams in 2018 :

6 MPCC's members on 46 teams

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


Your ethics code not only respects the UCI and World Anti-Doping Agency's international rules, but goes beyond, imposing even stricter rules that we share.



To commit to MPCC seemed to be obvious for the « young » sponsor we are. At Direct Energie we are passionate about cycling and we have made it a vehicle for our brand image. To defend its credibility and righteousness appeared as a duty.

Martin Bertran (Directeur Marque, Sponsoring et Communication), Direct Energie