Degenkolb : "To be part of MPCC? It’s in my own interest"

Riders speaking! MPCC questioned the last rider to win Milano-Sanremo John Degenkolb, member of Team Giant-Alpecin and coming from a country - Germany - which tries to win back its fans.

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Doping figures as at March 15

As in 2014, MPCC lists the doping cas released sport by sport, in order to better situate the place it occupies compared to other sports. After two-and-a-half months, four sports already faced more positive tests than cycling.

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Sponsoring: exposition at all costs versus values

Sponsors representative within MPCC, Marc Frederix (Loterie Nationale Belge) draws on the exceptional longevity of the team Lotto-Soudal to affirm : « the image is a more important thing than the exposition ».

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May or may not be part of MPCC

Vice-President of MPCC, Iwan Spenkenbrink speaks about the increasing number of members and considers that the non-accession of 6 World Tour teams must not change anything about the fight to improve cycling's credibility.

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"No to tramadol!"

“No to tramadol !” says Jan Mathieu, one of the representatives for MPCC’s doctors. He strongly opposes the use of tramadol. He regrets this opinion is not shared by everyone else. “We must no longer work on our own” he adds on this matter.

MPCC's members this year :

61% in 2014

 World Tour teams in 2015 :

11 MPCC's members on 17 teams
(11 on 18 in 2014)

94% in 2014

Pro-Continental teams in 2015 :

19 MPCC's members on 20 teams
(16 on 17 in 2014)

17% in 2014

Continental teams in 2015 :

32 MPCC's members on 162 teams
(32 on 181 in 2014)

25% in 2014

Women teams in 2015 :

8 MPCC's members on 38 teams
(8 on 32 in 2014)

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


We are convinced of the need for all the teams to agree on a new ethic code applicable for all teams and all the riders.

Christophe Sercu, Topsport Vlaanderen


Jean-Charles Canonne, Roubaix - Lille MĂ©tropole