The MPCC is today unveiling a 20-minute educational video entitled “Keeping the light on”. This has been the watchword of all our members since 2007: to be proactive in building the credibility of our sport. And it is with this in mind that, once again this winter, the MPCC has formally and strongly renewed its invitation to the world’s biggest teams to join the movement, and thus ‘take action’ in the fight against doping.

In this context, the MPCC felt it necessary to assess the situation with all the major players in the fight against doping in cycling, in particular ITA, the UCI and ASO, whom the movement would like to thank for their support and availability to produce this video.

“Keeping the light on” is educational content. The fight against doping is a subject where it is vital to be educational, taking into account the real lack of knowledge that can exist around this subject. So, to launch its 18th year of existence, our movement wanted to do more to explain what it is fighting for. This video is a tool to raise awareness and to fight, now and in the future.