Following the written explanations :


– Jean-René BERNAUDEAU, manager of Team Europcar

– Dr. Hubert LONG, physician of Team Europcar

– The detailed report of Dr. MEGRET, MPCC national and federal medical doctor expert

– Dr. Gerard Guillaume, representing team doctors at MPCC


The Board of Directors of MPCC unanimously decided:


– To temporarily suspend Team Europcar from MPCC, pending its General Assembly for non-compliance with MPCC internal regulations during the 8 June stage at  Dauphine Libere. Therefore, until the next General Assembly, members of this team, namely Jean-René BERNAUDEAU and Dr. Hubert LONG can no longer serve as members of the MPCC Board of Directors.


The strict application of our rules of procedure, on a voluntary basis, is required by all our members, teams, sponsors, teams and / or institutional, national federations, organizers, etc..


The team should not have permitted Pierre Rolland to ride as an outcome of the analysis results, validated by both Dr. MEGRET and Professor Martine Duclos, on both testing time and preanalytical conditions.


Professor Martine Duclos is an endocrinologist, sports physiologist and expert at the Ministry, the CNOSF and AFLD. (10 runners were tested at the same hotel before Pierre Rolland).


The Board of Directors would like to thank all those who fully commit with MPCC to restore cycling credibility.


The cortisol samples were requested by MPCC team doctors in 2007, following the decision of WADA to abandon regulations on steroids. MPCC team doctors are committed to immediately withdraw from the race for health reasons, the rider who has a low or collapsed cortisol levels, which has already been the case.


Since 2012, MPCC is associated with FCC and LNC to make these tests. In 2013, cortisol levels tests were made at Paris-Nice (29 riders), 4 Days of Dunkirk (54 riders) and Dauphine Libere (42 riders). Other controls will take place during the season.


The French Federation has also applied this rule for several years. The rider then can come back after the normalization of his tests. These samples are taken in the context of health and are not anti-doping controls.


Since the beginning of the year, all members of MPCC teams who have faced a problem have fully implemented the internal regulations of MPCC, including AG2R La Mondiale, which practiced auto-suspension at the Dauphine Libere.




– MPCC wrote in November 2012 to the AMA to reintroduce legislation on steroids

– MPCC wrote in May 2013 to Ms. Valerie FOURNEYRON (French Sports Minister), to also carry out cortisol level tests in the next Tour de France.