Sports Entertainment Group (SEG) has requested the membership for SEG Cycling and SEG Racing. SEG Cycling is a management company for professional cyclists, officially licensed by the UCI. SEG Racing is a Continental development team created this year. The Board of MPCC has accepted the application of SEG, so now SEG Racing is part of MPCC as a member of the teams section, while Martijn and Eelco Berkhout are members of the agents section, which now involves seven members.


« We have done a lot of work in the fight against doping and will continue our work in that matter », Martijn Berkhout states about the management company SEG Cycling. About SEG Racing team, he adds: « Our goal is to educate and develop young talented riders in a safe and clean environment. We are the only continental team with a biological passport system, which we fund by ourselves. » The roster of SEG Racing includes top riders from the juniors ranks: U19 World Champion Jonas Bokeloh and U19 Paris-Roubaix winner Magnus Bak Klaris. All the riders are under 25 years of age.