Australia’s team Roxsolt-Liv-Sram is now part of our movement. The number of women’s team within the MPCC rises to 13!

Team manager Kevin Rundle states: “The motivation for the team to join MPCC is we already meet or exceed the requirements and have from the start of the team had a strict focus on fairness and anti-doping. Any doping violations for riders or staff already result in exclusion from the team and we won’t take any riders or staff as part of the team who have been involved in doping or any unethical behaviour including fixing of results. We believe sport should be fair and inclusive and there is no better way to represent this than through membership of MPCC. It sets an example to staff and riders. Personally, I do not find it acceptable that teams have staff who have doped. This sends the wrong message to riders, especially development riders and creates a dangerous culture within a team. I founded the team to show that there was a better way to run women’s teams. To me doping is no different than stealing money or goods.”