Dominique Rollin is an unconventional rider: now back in pro ranks with MPCC member Team Cofidis after a year without competition, the Canadian is beginning a second career. The first one came at the relatively late age of 26 in 2009 with Cervélo, after two years at the Continental level in the United States. But in his early years, he spent time in Europe as part of VC Roubaix, a French amateur team which since became Roubaix-Lille Métropole.


In an interview with MPCC, Dominique Rollin considers that, in order to promote cycling, the main area of focus must not be the fight against doping: he estimates that this matter must be resolved internally and that this sport has to bring forward all that it does to make itself more attractive and understandable. He says he doesn’t feel concerned by such issues as corticosteroids because he doesn’t « have this culture to use pills ». He is rooted in the principle that he has never needed medicine, preferring instead to leave the task to alleviate health problems to his body – so he sees pain as something normal to deal with. In that sense he says he was surprised by the European culture upon his arrival in this continent.