The Spanish team Burgos-BH joins the MPCC! There are now 23 Pro Continental teams committed to the movement.

This season, Burgos-BH has been promoted to the UCI Pro Continental ranks, while celebrating more than 35 years of existence. The adhesion of the team, on a provisional basis, allows the MPCC to reach a total of 30 member teams that are part of the first and second divisions!

Julio Andrés’s team roster includes some riders who have raced at the World Tour level, such as Matvey Mamykin, Silvio Herklotz or José Mendes. The referring physician is Dr Gonzalo Barrantes Delgado.

The team manager comments:

“We started a new project in 2018 but the philosophy is to think in long term. We wish to develop a new professional continental team working with young talents. We are working in order to be more professional. The change in the category means the change in a lot of our structures. If we are honest, we worked as professional but as amateur team in the past. Now, it is not possible to continue with this system and we are growing in the different areas. In this way, we wish to be absolutely strict about the antidoping fight:

– We have signed one doctor with an excellent reputation. He was never linked with doping problems and he has an absolutely clean mentality.
– We didn’t sign riders with doping cases in the past.
– We are not going to accept any antidoping rules violation. All the riders know that there are no pressure on the performances or the results. But there is a big pressure on the antidoping mentality: we need clean riders every day in the year.
– We wish to be a member of the MPCC. Cycling has to offer the best image. And this is a global responsibility. We don’t have any problem to do controls of cortisol, for example. If one rider is sick, he can take medicines. But  it has no sense to run. If one rider is tested positive, maybe he can run in legal point of view. But it has no sense to destroy the cycling image. It is our responsibility and we accept and we understand that ALL the professional teams have to go in the same direction.”