The Board members have reviewed the application of the movement regulations and are glad to see that they are properly enforced.

They remain cautious when it comes to the UCI procedure regarding Caja-Rural team: the disciplinary committee is expected to make the decision on the possible suspension of the team because of the two cases that have occurred in the last twelve months.

Following the repeated requests from the physios of the MPCC teams, the movement confirms its commitment to keep on carrying cortisol tests in 2020 under the authority of Dr. Pierre Lebreton, hematologist.

Among the reasons why MPCC will continue this process of protecting the health of the riders:

– The misuse of corticosteroids to enhance performance

– The health threat caused by an abnormally low cortisol level in case of stress

– The wait for new WADA regulations, promised for 2021.

– The implementation of cortisol tests by the UCI to monitor health, expected to be set up during this year.

The physios of the teams belonging to MPCC are also concerned by several topics, including ketones and thyroid hormones.

Following this concern, they all committed not to prescripe thyroid hormones. A formal request has been made to WADA to add this product on the list of prohibited substances.

MPCC recommends not to use ketones given the side effectfs and the uncertainty of the long term effects. Some physios have already made this decision while they wait for more information. A task force including the physios of the MPCC teams will be set up in order to make proposals on this topic.

The Board also reviewed the members of the movement after the membership of the following teams and organizers: Alpecin-Fenix, Fondacion Orbéa, Kern Pharma, Arkéa Féminine and the organizers of « Les Boucles de la Mayenne ».

There are now 844 members of the MPCC as of March 6th :

9 WorldTeams

17 ProTeams

10 Continental Teams

6 women teams

5 agents

6 federations

10 cycling race organizers

8 sponsors

18 sympathizers

372 active professional riders

77 former riders

291 staff members

15 former technical staff members

MPCC invites all of the stakeholders of our sport to commit for a credible cycling and become a member of the movement.