The MPCC held its annual General Assembly on the 14th October 2019 in Paris. This meeting was representative of the more than 700 members of the movement – nearly half being active professional riders.

The President of the MPCC Roger Legeay first paid tribute with deep emotion to Dr Armand Mégret, who recently passed away. Armand has greatly contributed in advancing the fight against doping and participating in the development of the internal regulation of our movement, having been in charge of its cortisol level tests for 13 years.


The composition of the Board of Directors changes: after 2 years as the MPCC’s treasurer, Yvon Sanquer is replaced by Sébastien Hinault after the unanimous approbation of the General Assembly.

The members of the MPCC have reviewed the discussion that was initiated with the WADA earlier this year. Following an open letter the MPCC addressed to WADA one year ago, a meeting was held on the 12th March 2019.


A few days ago in Paris, the MPCC met with a rider linked with the Aderlass case – a doping affair that have occurred during winter, mainly involving skiers and cyclists. Convinced in its ability to make concrete proposals to improve the fight against doping, the MPCC will continue to fit with its philosophy by pursueing the dialogue with the UCI.

264 cortisol level tests have been carried out in 2019, in collaboration with the UCI. In 2020, the MPCC has the desire to increase the total number of tests. Dr Pierre Lebreton has been named as referring doctor of the movement in charge of the implementation of the tests. He will allow the MPCC to continue the excellent work of Dr Armand Mégret.


On the request of the physicians of the MPCC teams, tests on Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) will be added to cortisol level ones our movement will perform. The goal is to collect anonymous and accurate data so the working group the MPCC is setting up can provide a framework for a new regulation on thyroid hormones. In case any anomaly is found, the team physician responsible for the involved athlete will have to line things up in the proper way.