This is a characteristic of this team: founded in 2013, the Swiss IAM cycling team became directly member of MPCC and had to promote immediately the right messages to their riders and staff members. Serge Beucherie explains to MPCC what was the content of his speech in order to raise awareness of damages and consequences of doping usage among the team members. The French manager ensures that being a MPCC member is not a constraint for the riders: “That is their philosophy”.


Strict but fair rules


A rider who is part of a MPCC team member accepts de facto to consent to stricter regulations in comparison with non-member teams. In case of positive test, the employer has to withdraw the rider from any competition, after the first official communication release. In case of a second positive test in less than twelve months in the same team, all the team-mates of the guilty rider are concerned because the whole team is committed to suspend itself during one week if required.


The “MPCC” riders are also subject to several cortisol level tests during the season. If the team doctor has to give corticosteroids to a rider, the athlete will be on sick leave and out of competition for at least eight days after doctor’s advice. The same measure is required if a test performed by MPCC, in collaboration/association with French Cycling Association (FFC) and French Cycling League (LNC), highlights a cortisole level collapse. Serge Beucherie states: “These eight, ten or twelve days out of competition for cortisone use will not ruin the season of a rider”.