Including Orica-GreenEDGE, half the World Tour teams are MPCC members or applying to join it. Is it important ?

Even if our movement exists since 2007, we were nothing but a small entity until a few months. Today, 10 out of 18 World Tour teams is a good amount, especially with additional 15 Continental Pro teams and 12 Continental teams.

Then, yes ! I hope having 37 members in the MPCC will lead to a knock-on effect that could change a lot of things. If a vote was organized now, our group would win it !

Is the Armstrong case the only triggering factor for these numerous applications in the past few weeks ?

Armstrong caused a domino effect. Some managers – some riders too – spontaneously reacted. Some Federations or Leagues or several major races organizers also took a stand. But let’s be realistic: if truth hadn’t be told about Armstrong, we would be still be a vocal minority.

Didn’t Christian Prudhomme’s warning in October led team managers to opportunely join MPCC ?

If that’s what some may think about our values, we will quickly see it. No one is forced to join  MPCC. If you do so, it must be for ethical reasons. For instance, ban steroids while racing.Nor UCI neither WADA rules compel us to do so. But using steroids for wrong reasons is doping. For MPCC members, there is no doubt about it. If some teams don’t comply with this rule,they will have to explain why et journalists will have to ask them why.

Is it important for you that riders wear the blue wristband to defend your point ?

Yes. I think it’s important. In the past, riders were often challenged as soon as they stand out. Now, they must keep their head up. ll the riders in our movement must be proud to stand by this: « I am clean and I say it ».There must be no reluctance: today, we are the ma-jo-ri-ty !