Safeguard the riders’ health


MPCC has always endeavoured to defend the riders’ health and it is in this sense that have been established the controls of cortisol rate in several major competitions this year. The battle for tramadol to be registered in the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency, follows the same logic. During the last meeting of MPCC teams doctors, 17 of them were attending, as for the referring doctor Armand Megret and the representative of the UCI Mario Zorzoli, problems with this drug have been the focus of debate. Gérard Guillaume, representing the MPCC teams doctors, said that this drug was “dangerous in competition” while Mario Zorzoli drew attention to its “side effects”. Tramadol causes drowsiness and conditions that could lead to falls in the race.



The request would have significantly decreased among the riders


WADA keep on observing about this but MPCC is pleased to hear from the teams doctors that due to advertising by the movement about the side effects of tramadol, demand would have decreased considerably among the riders. On February the 7th, teams doctors had agreed to follow the proper medical use of tramadol and related substances: we must go further, and Mario Zorzoli said he was ready to ask the legal department of the UCI to support the request made to WADA, “since the majority of the cycling world agrees.” However, the representative of the international board has reminded that a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) allowed the exceptional use of that substance. Doctors of teams members of MPCC are committed to no longer use tramadol in competition.