Cofidis goes further to commit for a credible cycling: following the men’s team which has been part of MPCC since its creation in 2007, the women’s team will become a member as well. Cofidis Women Team will start its first season in 2022.

The French team, which will compete next season in the Continental division with 11 riders, is the 8th female team to join MPCC.

Franck Trajber, Administrative and Financial Director of the team, explains the importance of the structure of MPCC : “Beyond a simple signature, it is a essential commitment. In their contracts, athletes are reminded that Cofidis Competition and its main partner Cofidis S.A. have both signed MPCC’s code of ethics and the rules of procedures. Both companies claim their attachment to the values of loyalty, equity and ethics in sports which formally exclude any use of any performance-enhancing substance of methods.”

Cofidis S.A., an historic partner of cycling, has been part of MPCC as well since 2013.