In its European premises, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will host a meeting with a delegation of the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC). This meeting will take place on 12th March 2019.

On the 24th of October last year, the General Assembly of the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) sent an open letter to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and to its President Sir Craig Reedie. The members of our movement reckoned that the WADA’s lack of action concerning a certain number of issues caused a lot of a damage on the whole world of sport, and question the very basis of the international rules and regulations.

For several years now, MPCC has been asking for multiple measures to be considered by WADA and its president: the prohibition of tramadol, new rules on corticoids use, standardization of WADA’s rules and processes across all sports and disciplines. But above all, MPCC demanded that in all circumstances, WADA fulfil its primary goal, which is to defend and protect the clean athletes.

Soon enough, WADA answered to MPCC. This quick response showed that MPCC is now viewed as a major player in the fight against doping, which deserves consideration and attention from the international bodies.

Even though the content of WADA’s responses confirmed several differences of opinion with the Movement, MPCC is grateful to see that WADA opened a dialogue and gave some answers to the questions raised by the members of our movement. As a consequence, WADA invited MPCC to an official meeting that will take place on March 12th in Lausanne.

On this occasion, MPCC intends to represent its members to the best of its ability, as they are representative of cycling as a whole. As of today, MPCC has 621 members including:

7 World Tour teams – 20 Pro Continental teams – 9 Continental teams – 5 women teams
337 professional riders – 196 professional staff members – 6 agents – 8 national federations
9 organizers – 8 sponsors of cycling – 16 supporters