The Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) held a meeting of its Board this Friday, September 15 in Roissy.

The MPCC asked the two candidates for the Presidency of the UCI Brian Cookson and David Lappartient to answer a set of questions related to central concerns of the movement. We wanted to thank them for their clear answers as we are pleased with their willingness to continue working with the MPCC. We also noted their wish to amend corticosteroids and tramadol regulations, within the athlete’s health framework but also the antidoping one.

Mr Brian Cookson’s LETTER :

Cher Roger,
Je vous remercie pour votre courrier du 17 juillet dernier qui a retenu toute mon attention.
Comme vous le savez, la crédibilité de notre sport reste mon principal engagement envers les acteurs du cyclisme, dont le MPCC fait partie et avec qui j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler à travers votre présence au sein du Conseil du Cyclisme Professionnel.
Pendant ces quatre dernières années, l’UCI a…
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MR David Lappartient’s LETTER :

Dear Mr. President, Dear Roger,
I confirm I have received your letter dated 17 July 2017 and sent to the two candidates for the UCI 2017 Presidential election.
Firstly, I would like to congratulate your association for its commitment to support the respect of the code of ethics in cycling. Alongside the work done by the UCI, for many years now the MPCC has made tremendous contribution to the improvement of road racing. The manner by which your association has been able to bring various teams to work together on this matter is commendable.
Axe 5 of my presidential candidature manifesto for the UCI….
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In addition,


About the important subject of the technological fraud, the MPCC insists that all the means available and all possible technologies must be systematically deployed to result in less suspicion. All of these efforts must benefit from a better publicity to the general public to promote a better image of our sport. The MPCC proposes to inspect the bicycle of all the riders also submitted to the antidoping post-race protocol, a minima on the main events (3 first riders, 2 other random riders and the leader jersey holder).

After reviewing the implementation of its internal regulation, the Board is pleased that all the members met their commitment in 2017.

The Board decided to add to its internal regulation a paragraph on acts of racism or homophobia as unethical behaviours.

A few weeks before next Giro d’Italia’s route presentation, the MPCC reiterates its wish to see all the grand tour organizers grant wild cards only to movement’s members.