Several changes to MPCC rules

The movement considers useful to clarify the different routes of administration of corticosteroids included in its rules, namely : oral, intramuscular and intravenous. These administrations of corticosteroids by general routes also trigger an eight-day shutdown of the competition. The comeback will be made after verification of normal cortisol.


A letter will be sent to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to examine again the issue of the abnormally low cortisol. An appointment with WADA will be requested to discuss all the MPCC proposals.


The board also decided that the opening of disciplinary proceedings by the UCI for abnormal biological passport of the rider now generate , the same measures as a positive control for the teams members of the Movement.


Finally, MPCC raises the awareness among the players in our sport of fighting against anything that undermines the credibility of cycling : the use of an electric or motorized bicycle, illegal sports betting, etc. That is why the board decided that the opening of disciplinary proceedings by the UCI to the facts above will also result the same actions as a positive control for teams members of the Movement.


67 teams members


The MPCC board chooses to open its membership to the agents of riders and will set in that sense a document listing the commitments due to join the movement. The most important point being not to work with riders who have committed a doping offense code in the past.


The final accession of the Dutch Cycling Federation and of the continental team De Rijke (NED) were passed and approved by the Board. From September 2, 67 teams have been members of MPCC, including 11 in World Tour. The Board notes with satisfaction that all the members of MPCC teams have scrupulously complied with its internal rules.


The General Assembly of MPCC will be held on October 21, 2014 in PARIS. On this occasion, it will be organized on October 20, a meeting gathering the doctors in charge of the teams members of MPCC and the sponsors members of MPCC to be held on October 21.