Dutch federation new MPCC member !


Meeting on Monday, the 9th of June in Andrezieux, alongside the Critérium du Dauphiné, the MPCC Board has validated the final accession as members the continental and women’s teams: Itera-Katusha, Tirol Cycling and Tibco-To the top.

MPCC also valid the accession of the Dutch Cycling Federation. MPCC welcome this membership, hoping now relying on other applications of federations.Contacts have been initiated with several of them.

MPCC now has 11 World Tour teams of 18 (61%), 16 Continental Pro teams of 17 (94%), 31 Continental teams of 181 (17%), 8 UCI women’s teams of 32 (21%) and 9 national federations, including the European Cycling Union (UEC).


WADA bans xenon, what about tramadol ?

MPCC noted the addition of xenon on the list of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and welcomes the instance to the effectiveness of the procedure. Since February, MPCC had alerted WADA about the dangers presented by the use of this product in sport and cycling in particular.


MPCC hope the same awareness about Tramadol, dangerous drug to the health of athletes, that continues to be the object of a general study of all analgesics by WADA during 2014.


Cortisol tests on Paris-Nice, Giro, Dauphiné and Tour


In collaboration with the French Cycling Federation (FFC) and the French League Cycling, MPCC has practiced tests for cortisol at Paris-Nice, on March the 15th, with 14 member teams registered for the competition, for a total of 42 samples. All were negative.

During the Tour of Italy, other cortisol samples were done the day before departure, under the auspices of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) on all participants. The UCI has transmitted the Movement the results of all teams members of MPCC riders, on condition of anonymity. All were negative.

New tests for cortisol were planned during the Critérium du Dauphiné, others will be made in the future especially during the upcoming Tour de France.

The Board notes with satisfaction that all the teams members of MPCC have scrupulously respected the clauses of tehir standing orders.


On February 2014 the 25th, and April 2014 the 23th, a new letter was sent to the French Ministry of sports to raise awareness about the need to apply the rules of cortisol controls for all teams, members or non-members of MPCC, on competitions held in France.