Wild Cards : 100% is the target for MPCC

This year, 89% of the wild cards were granted to MPCC teams.

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Adhésion au MPCC

Le Gruppetto joins MPCC!

The MPCC is pleased to welcome a new sympathizer among its members! Welcome to the association Le Gruppetto! 

Actualités du MPCC

Best wishes for 2019

MPCC wishes its members - teams, riders, staff - all the best for 2019.

Adhésion au MPCC

The Continental team Groupama-FDJ joins MPCC!

Thanks to the membership request of the Continental team Groupama-FDJ, MPCC now includes 10 teams that are part of the UCI 3rd division.

Adhésion au MPCC

More than 300 riders are now members of MPCC!

Less than nine months after having allowed professional riders to adhere to the MPCC, whether or not they are part of teams that are members of the movement, we can now announced that more than 300 riders have sent their membership request.

MPCC's members this year :


 World Tour teams in 2019 :

7 MPCC's members on 18 teams


Pro-Continental teams in 2019 :

19 MPCC's members on 25 teams


Continental teams in 2019 :

9 MPCC's members on 173 teams


Women teams in 2019 :

5 MPCC's members on 37 teams

Support the MPCC, a strong gesture of symbol and consequences


To commit to MPCC seemed to be obvious for the « young » sponsor we are. At Direct Energie we are passionate about cycling and we have made it a vehicle for our brand image. To defend its credibility and righteousness appeared as a duty.

Martin Bertran (Directeur Marque, Sponsoring et Communication), Direct Energie


Your ethics code not only respects the UCI and World Anti-Doping Agency's international rules, but goes beyond, imposing even stricter rules that we share.