Our Members : Staff

They are members of the MPCC: 295 staff people



AG2R La Mondiale

ACCARD Marc Mechanic France
BEAUQUIS Bruno Head of logistics France
BIONDI Laurent Sport Director France
BOUVAT Éric Doctor France
CHEVALLIER Philippe Deputy Chief Executive Officer France
DESSEL Cyril Sport Director France
GOUBERT Stéphane Sport director France
GUILLE Nicolas Coach Trainer France
JANNEL Didier Sport director France
JURDIE Julien Sport Director France
KASPUTIS Arturas Sport director Lithuania
LAVENU Magalie Marketing Director France
LAVENU Vincent Manager France
MARTINET Gilles Mechanic France
MAS Gilles Sport director France
MAZARD Caroline digital coordinator France
QUICLET Jean-Baptiste Performance Director France
RIVIERE Bruno Bus driver France


DENK Ralph Manager Germany
DROSTE Jan-Niklas Doctor Germany
EDLER Christopher Doctor Germany
LORANG Dany Trainer Coach Luxemburg
POITSCHKE Enrico Sport Director Germany
WERNER Hendrik Coach Germany


BELLENOUE Samuel Head of Performance France
BOURDON Frédéric Physiotherapist France
DAMIANI Roberto Sport Director Italy
DANIEL Nicolas Mechanic France
DECRION Jacques Trainer Coach France
DELOEUIL Alain Sport Director France
DESBUISSON Stéphane Doctor France
GUIBERTEAU Christian Sport director France
JONROND Jean-Luc Sport Director France
LABORDERIE Jean-Marc Doctor France
LASSELIN Eric Physiotherapist Belgium
MAINGUENAUD Michael Mechanic France
MARICHAL Thierry Sport Director Belgium
TRAJBER Franck Financial director France
VASSEUR Cédric Manager France
VERDONCK Simon Doctor Belgium
VILLERIUS Vincent Trainer Coach France


CASTOL David Doctor Mexico
HAUSMAN Charley Chiropractor USA
SPROUSE Kevin Doctor USA


BIGNON Eric Mechanic France
BIZET Alain Assistant France
BOULINGUEZ Rodolphe Communication and Marketing Director France
BOURCIER Pascal Assistant France
BOURNAND Damien Assistant France
BRICAUD Thierry Sport director France
CHEVALLIER Laurent Assistant France
COSSARD Vanessa Assistant France
FESIN Melly Human Resources France
FORET Matthieu Physiotherapist France
GUESDON Frédéric Sport Director France
JAMIN Philippe Assistant France
JOLY Sébastien Sport director France
LE BOURDIEC David Administrative responsable France
MADIOT Marc Manager France
MADIOT Yvon Sport director France
MAILLOT Jacky Doctor France
MAUDUIT Philippe Sport director France
PERROT Stéphane Sport Assistant France
PICARD Thierry Assistant France
PINEAU Franck Sport Director France
VEIKKANEN Jussi Sport director Finlande

Israel Start Up Nation

CARLSTROM Kjell Manager Finlande
MAUCHER Theo Team Coordinator Germany

Lotto - Soudal

BEX Steven Doctor Belgium
BINGE Servaas Doctor Belgium
DE DECKER Jens Doctor Belgium
LELANGUE John General Manager Belgium
SERGEANT Marc Sport Manager Belgium

NTT Pro Cycling Team

MOODLEY Karselle Brand Manager South African
O'GRADY Ciaran Coach & Sports Scientist Ireland
RYDER Douglas Team Principal South African
SMYTH Jean Head of communication South African


ALDERSHOF Camiel Doctor Netherlands
BEKHUIS Ed Mechanic Netherlands
BEKHUIS Kim Operations Netherlands
BENTON Steve Trainer Great-Britain
BOELENS Anko Doctor Netherlands
BOERRIGTER Matijs Physiotherapist and manual therapist Netherlands
BRAMMEIER Emily Communication Germany
CURVERS Roy Coach Netherlands
DAVERVELD Patrick Assistant Netherlands
DE BRUIJN Romy Business Netherlands
DE HAAM Koen Trainer Coach Netherlands
DE JONG Jelle Coach Trainer Netherlands
DECKERT Sebastian Coach Trainer Germany
DENIS Camiel Trainer Netherlands
DOMMERHOLT Lieke Nutrition expert Netherlands
DON Martijn Mechanic Netherlands
ELIJZEN Michiel Trainer Coach Netherlands
ENNES Felipe Mechanic Italy
GOEDHART Teun Soigneur Netherlands
GROENEWOLD Roderik Physiotherapist Netherlands
GROOTS Sjors Scientist Performance Netherlands
HAUGHEY Jamie Communication Great-Britain
HEEEMSKERK Pim Mechanic Netherlands
JAARTSVELD Aaron Operations Netherlands
JACOLINO Stephan Osteopath France
JANSEN Chris Doctor Netherlands
JANSSEN Ingo Commerce Netherlands
KEMNA Rudi Head Coach Netherlands
KLOMP Cindy Operations Netherlands
KOEKEN Nelis Biomechanical Expert Netherlands
LAMBREGTS Bennie Coach Netherlands
MARCHE Nicolas Sport Director France
NAEFF Mannes Docteur Netherlands
NEUMANN Narell Head of Science Australia
NIJBROEK Lisa Nutrition Expert Netherlands
POELMAN Marloes Head of finance and operations Netherlands
REEF Marc Sport Director Netherlands
REEF Peter Head of Communication Netherlands
RIBBERS Arjan Coach Netherlands
RIJPSTRA Jente Business Netherlands
ROBERT Luke Coach Trainer Australia
RUNHART Yannick Warehouse Manager Netherlands
SANDERS Dajo Trainer Netherlands
SCHUURMAN-SMIT Francien Finance Manager Netherlands
SPEKENBRINK Iwan Manager Netherlands
STEPHENS Brian Trainer Coach Australia
SVENDSEN Frederik Mechanic Denmark
TER HEIJDEN Maarten Mechanic Netherlands
TERLOUW Hannelore Assistant Netherlands
TIMMER Albert Coach Netherlands
TIMMERMANS Hans Sport Director Netherlands
TIMOTEJ Jon Osteopath Denmark
VAN DER STELT Titia Head Nutrition Expert Netherlands
VAN NIEL Saskia Executive support Netherlands
VAN SLYCKE Jens Assistant Belgium
VAN UUM Niels Service course Netherlands
VERHEES Joep Mechanic Netherlands
WAAIJER Tysch Event Manager Netherlands
WERMINK Jan Head of Business strategy Netherlands
WINSTON Matthew Coach Trainer Great-Britain
WITECKI Karol Assistant Poland
WOOD Ryan Assistant USA


Androni Giocattoli - Sidermec

CHEULA Gianpaolo Sport Director Italy
GIOVANNI Ellena Sport Director Italy
SAVIO Gianni Manager Italy
SPEZIALETTI Alessandro Sport Director Italy


BIHEL César Sales Manager France
BONNAMOUR Christine Administrative assistant France
CAER Yvon Sport director France
CHURIN Pascal Bus Driver France
DESCHAMPS Delphine Assistant France
DESHAIES Nicolas Mechanic France
GARAND Gilles Assistant France
HERVE Edouard Osteopath France
HINAULT Sebastien Sport Director France
HUBERT Emmanuel Manager France
LETANNEUR Guillaume Deputy General Director France
MENUET Jean-Jacques Doctor France
MORIN David Assistant France
OUVRARD Théo Trainer Coach France
PREVOST Tony Partnerships et communication director France
RENIMEL Franck Trainer Coach France
RIMASSON Gabrielle Staff France
RINALDI Kevin Coach Trainer France
SERRE Florent Physiotherapist France
TREHIN Roger Sport Director France
YVEN Kevin Data Analyst France


BERNARD Kevin Mechanic France
BOLGIANI Yvonnick Sport Director France
DESMASURES Thibault marketing & commercial director France
ENGOULVENT Jimmy Sport Director France
MARAFFI Samuel Doctor France
PAUCHARD Gilles Sport Director France
PINEAU Jérôme Manager France
PINEAU Sébastien Deputy manager France
RENAUD Alban Coach France
THIEBOT Guillaume Osteopath France


DONATI Alessandro Sport director Italy


BRANDT Christophe Manger Belgium
DACHY Mattijs Technical Manager Belgium
KAISEN Olivier Sport director Belgium


BARRANCO Santiago Sport Director Spain
CABEDO José Sport Director Spain
CANTERA ASOREY David Technical Director Spain
SORIANO GANDIA Alexis Coach / Sport Director Spain

Caja Rural

XABIER Muriel Coach Sport Director Spain


ECHAVARRI David Ass. Sports Director Spain


CHERENKOV Vladislav Mechanic Russia
DEVOTI Michele Sporting Director Italy
KHAMIDULIN Renat Manager Russia
KIRILTSEV Vladimir Sporting Director Russia
MARKOV Aleksei Sports Director Russia
MIKHAILOVSKII Andrei Physiotherapist Russia
PAKURA Sergey Physiotherapist Russia
PETROV Evgeny Sports Director Russia
PHILIPPIVICH Dmitry Mechanic Russia
POZDNIAKOV Illarion Physiotherapist Russia
PRISHPETNYY Alexandr Mechanic Russia
SAMARIN Alexander Mechanic Russia
SEROV Aleksandr Sports Director Russia
SURALOV Andriy Mechanic Russia
VALUEV Gennadii Physiotherapist Russia

Manzana Postobon

GALEANO Edgar Doctor Colombia
LORENA Adarve Doctor Colombia

NIPPO DELKO One Provence

CAILLARD Baptiste Coach France
CHEILAN Luc Performance Manager France
CHOVELON Marc Consultant France
DALLEST Maxime Physiotherapist France
DIMITROV Dimitar Supervising officer Bulgaria
GIRAUD Benjamin Sport director France
GUERRICAGOITIA Gorka Sport director Spain
HOFFMAN Remy Mechanic France
MIZUTANI Takehiro Sport director Japan
PONCET Anthony Assistant organisation France
RABELLE Stephane Assistant France
ROMERO ARENOS Ricardo Masseur Spain
ROSTAING Frédéric Manager France
TOLEDO Guillermo Doctor Hungary
VAUBOURZEIX Thomas Sport director France
ZAYKOV Hristo Sport director France

Novo Nordisk

CASTOL Raphael Doctor Mexico
CROWE Fitzalan VP of Marketing and Sponsorship USA
DAVIDENKO Sergey Vice President of Operations and Sponsorship USA
DAVIDENKO Vassili General manager USA
FONTANA Federico Head of Performance Italy
GARETH Jones Mechanic USA
PODENZANA Alice Director of Media & PR Italy
SKROCE Kristina Coach Croatia


AARON Charles Managing Directeur USA
BARROW Richard Mechanic Canada
BEBCHUK Karen Account Manager USA
BERTHARDS Kelby Team Medical Director USA
CARNEY Jonas Performance director USA
ERKER Jacob Team Manager Canada
GREVE Mark Doctor USA
KROMANN Steffen CEO Denmark
McCARTHY Jonathan Sport director USA
SAINT-ONGE Emily Graphic Designer USA
SOLADAY Thomas Communications Director USA
SOUSA José Assistant Portugal
SPARKS Timothy Mechanic USA
WIEBE Sam Creative Director USA
WOHLBERG Eric Sport Director Canada
ZANE Freebairn Mechanic USA

Riwal Readynez Cycling Team

BLAUDZUN Michael Sports Director Denmark
JASZCZAK Frank Soigneur Denmark
NIELSEN Hanne Algot Team coordinateur Denmark
PETERSEN Jesper Mechanics Denmark
SKELDE Michael Sports Director Denmark


BREUKINK Erik Sport Manager Netherlands
VAN OOSTVELDT Katje Doctor Belgium
VROEMEN Guido Docteur Netherlands

Total Direct Énergie

ARNOULD Dominique Sport Director France
BERNAUDEAU Jean-René Manager France
CHAUVIERE Blaise Assistant France
GENAUZEAU Benoit Sport director France
LEBRETON Lilian Sport director France
LOISEAU Alexis Coach France
LONG Hubert Doctor France
MACE Thibaut Sport Director France
NOISETTE Louis Doctor France
ROBIN Maxime trainer France
Rony MARTIAS Assistant France



MARCHETTI Roberto Sport Director Switzerland
STARCHYK Volodymyr Sport Director Ukraine


KOENER Thomas Mechanic Belgium
KOENER Thomas Mechanic Belgium
VANDENBROUCKE Jean Denis Sport Director Belgium


BLATTER Jens Manager Switzerland

SEG Racing Academy

BRONKHORST Harm Performance Coach Netherlands
HOLLANDERS Dries Sport director Belgium
SPRENGERS Tessel Mechanic Netherlands
VAN HAAREN Bart Manager Netherlands
VAN ZINNEN Froukje Soigneur Paramedical Assistant Netherlands

St Michel-Auber 93

BAILLY Sébastien Women Sport director France
DESPLANQUES Sébastien Mechanical France
GAUDRY Stephan Sport Director France
JAVALET Stéphane Manager France
LAUDRAIN Valérie Assistant France
NERZIC Charlie Communication's director France


DARLING PARKES Gary Equipe médicale Great-Britain


FDJ-Futuroscope-Nouvelle Aquitaine

DELCOURT Stephen Manager France
MAIRE Nicolas Sport Director France
ROLLAND Philippe Doctor France
SOENEN Flavien Coach France


BELL Zachary Sport Director Canada
NICHOLS Kristie Doctor USA


HEDDERMAN Rachel Sport director Great-Britain
SCHWAGER Patricia Assistant Sport Director / Logistics Manager Switzerland
VERHAGEN Ruud Sport Director Netherlands


Cogeas Mettler WE Team

RENFER Michel Sport director Switzerland

Lotto Soudal Ladies

DE VOCHT Liesbet Administration, sports director Belgium

Delisted - Radiés