Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How many teams are part of MPCC?

The answer is: 7 World Tour teams, 17 Pro Continental teams, 14 Continental teams, 7 women teams, 8 national teams, totalling more than 50 teams. The riders we interviewed - almost - knew by heart the number! But it is important to add that MPCC members are not all teams. 

We put this question to the players (athletes, staff) of the MPCC. But this is Roger Legeay, President of the movement, who share the official story by relating this founding act.

The MPCC went to meeting its members in order to share on the rules of the movement - especially with the riders, who most frequently embraced the principles. They will discuss it during off-season in future video episodes.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

October 18, 2016 press release

The day after its annual general meeting and a few hours after the presentation of the 2017 Tour de France - during which Christian Prudhomme vigorously argued the movement is the vision to share - it's time for the MPCC to publish its views on the past year.

That is unprecedented: since the beginning of the year, a baseball player has been busted every three days. Thanks to the headlines focusing on the Russian athletes suspected of doping, the fact has remained unnoticed. Our quarterly infography is made to highlight that the figures actually collected aren't the illustration of the scandals with a high impact on the media.

Within MPCC, there is no need to reflect on the corticosteroids TUEs issue. This is an automatic proccess: the rider who need to be treated with this medicine ceases to work for a 8-days period. The measure is effective and followed to the letter by the movement's members.

In an infography, we have represented the 2016 Vuelta a España peloton, distinguishing member teams and non-member teams of MPCC. Amongst member teams, no riders have ever been suspended. Within non-members, 5 already have!

While his title partner Direct Energie has decided to join the MPCC’s college of sponsors, Jean-René Bernaudeau is going to complete his 10th year as a member of the movement. He explains why he considers that the MPCC remains a relevant actor in the cycling landscape. 

This Tuesday, August 18 2016, in Le Lonzac, start of the 3rd stage, 15 team members registered for the Tour du Limousin submitted 45 riders to a cortisol level test as part of their commitment to the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC).

Through an infography, we have represented the 70 nations which have took part in the Rio’s Olympic Games cycling road races. We have highlighted the athletes according to their affiliation with a MPCC national association or team, but also their doping ban history.