Vastgoedservice and Cibel are MPCC provisional members

The board of MPCC has accepted Vastgoedservice and Cibel, two Continental belgian teams, as new provisional members. The final adhesion will be voted in february. 


Vastgoedservice is a new Continental belgian team, created by the FC Bruges' football player Timmy Simons. Main riders are Rob Ruijgh, Kevin Hulsmans, the cyclocrossmen Rob and Yannick Peeters. The team is represented by Bart De Peuter. 


Cibel-Aliplast was an amateur team in 2013 and has been accepted as Continental team by the belgian federation (RLVB). The team is led by the young Kevin Callebaut, nine times winner this season. Gaspard van Peteghem is the director of the team. 


The final membership of those two teams will be voted by the board of MPCC in february.